Installation procedure for fitting of windows is as follows:

  • After accessing that the opening sizes are correct we remove the opening part of the window from the frame where aplicable
  • Using brackets secured to the frame, the frame is offered into the opening and using AMO bolts the frame is squared into the opening
  • The opening window part is then refitted into the frame and the complete assembly is checked for sureness and ease of use; any required adjustments is then done
  • When the fitter is sure that the installation is perfect, the job is finished by using fire grade low expansion foam to ensure that the opening is completely sealed and air tight

Where the installation is a retro fit into an existing building the old window is removed taking as much care as possible to remove the least amount of render and deco. The installation follows then the same process as with a new job.

On retro fit, after the installation is complete we refit windows boards and any render as needed to leave the job ready for decoration.

Eurowindows Alu-Therm
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Co. Carlow

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Assembly and maintenance
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