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Long-term decisions need to be well though-out and important purchases need to pay for themslves over the years. So when you are thinking about buying windows and doors, it is always advisable to seek the advice of the experts. For this reason, our supplier only sells its products through its specialist dealers. With our highly-qualified specialist dealers you can be assured first and foremost of the best service leading to the best products. Not only that, you can enjoy long-term assurance of service and maintenance.
Here are some tips about what to look for when choosing doors and windows.

Heat insulation
Because 25% of the energy in a house is lost through the windows, insulation of the windows is particularly important.
Sound insulation
The effects of noise can be unpleasant and noise of a particular intensity and duration can have a negative effect on the human organism.
Things to know about new-build
A house is only as strong as its weakest point and windows are one of the major weak-spots in an old house.
Saving energy
Windows are the main factor in determining heating comfort.
Passive house
Windows play an important role in passive houses in two ways, they can reduce heat loss and they allow the sunlight to produce additional heat through the glass.
With EcoGlaze you can relax into that wonderful sense of security, because EcoGlaze has stood for reliability, durability and all-round experience in door and window construction for the last 8 years.
Assembly and maintenance
What should you be aware of when your windows are installed?
Eurowindows Classic
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Timber Alu-Clad in
Co. Kildare

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Things to know about new-build...
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