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Things to know about new-build
[Alignment of windows]
To make best use of the sun, windows should wherever possible face south, west or east.Large, south-facing areas of glass create a good energy balance and bring light and life into the room. To prevent overheating in the room, provision for sun protection should be included in the planning stages. An integrated insect proofing system is also available. 
[Alignment of doors]
Always ensure that outside doors have built-in weather protection. On south-facing front doors with dark surfaces the surface temperature can become very high if there is no integral protection, and this can lead to functional problems. Care should be taken that west-facing doors are adequately protected from very heavy rain

Apertures in the house shell and determining size
window width:wall aperture minus 20 mm/window height: wall aperture minus 50 mm.
width of balcony doors:wall aperture minus 20 mm/height of balcony
doors:distance from the lower of the lintel to the upper edge of the finished floor minus 10 mm.
[outside doors]
width of door:wall aperture minus 20 mm.
height of door:distance from the lower edge of the lintel to the upper edge of the finished floor minus 10 mm; to use standard size there should be a wall aperture 1.100 mm wide und 2.130 mm high 

Eurowindows Triplex
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Timber Alu-Clad in
Co. Dublin

Products used:
Passive house
Windows play an important role in passive houses in two ways, they can...
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