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Things you need to know about renovation

A house is only as strong as its weakest point and windows are one of the major weak-spots in an old house. They are frequently inadequately insulated, the construction is outdated and after decades of use no longer function properly. The result; draughts and noise reduce the quality of life and heating and fuel costs are unnecessarily high. Anyone seriously considering conversion or renovation should cast a critical eye on the state of their windows. With Eco Glaze you will hardly notice that your windows are being replaced! 

With Eco Glaze window-replacement is the steamlined choice in every regard: 

Your Eco Glaze sales person will design an exact schedule in consultation with you. 
All dismantling and clearing will be kept to a minimum. All surrounding areas will be covered for protection and the windows will be replaced one at a time.  Particular care will be taken not to damage the surrounding walls as carried out  The appropriate connection will be employed  between window and wall to ensure an optimal fit and all necessary proofing. After the installation is complete, we will organize a cleaning team for you if necessary. A special care and maintenance set is available at a reasonable price. The old windows will be disposed of through a network of selected recycling partners using a professional recycling system.

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Windows are the main factor in determining heating comfort....
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