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Save energy - lower heating costs, higher comfort factor!

Our homes have been described as our third skin. We spend more than 90% of our lives in closed rooms. Physical comfort and a healthy room temperature are important for our well-being. 

Windows are the main factor in determining heating comfort. They represent a substantial "feel-good factor", greatly influencing room temperature and energy balance. The innovative window structures from EcoGlaze are, therefore, the ideal solution not only for passive houses, but also for older buildings and new build of all kinds. And the good news is: thanks to our windows technology you don't need to compromise on imaginative windows solutions. Click on Windows for more information on innovative windows systems and individual insulation values.

Optimal room temperature with triple heat-conserving glass

The high-level insulation properties of triple heat-conserving glazing in comparison with double glazing mean that you can have a 40% greater area of glass and still keep your heating bills the same.

EcoGlaze's energy-efficient windows ensure optimal room temperature all year around:  
Warm surfaces feel comfortable. This is where the feel-good factor in our windows with their triple heat-conserving glazing comes into its own.  The excellent insulation properties keep the temperature of the frame and glazed area close to room temperature and so the usual cold layer disappears. On the window itself a comfort-zone is established, the right ambience for well-being. 

Slovaktual GAVAplast
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Timber Alu-Clad in
Co. Dublin

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