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Complete security - a good feeling!

Security, protection and warmth together with trust, accountability and reliability; these are all things that you should be able to sense, feel, and indeed experience. With our windows you can relax into that wonderful sense of security, because our supplier has stood for reliability, durability and all-round experience in door and window construction for the last 25 years. This is why we can offer you comprehensive guarantees. Every single product has its own "Identity Nr."; a  clear and straightforward product number which enables us to respond immediately and precisely to any questions you may have.

To feel totally secure and comfortable in your home, have a look at our almost limitless range of security measures.

Basic security: Mushroom fittings and security locks
WK 1 - Class 1 resistance: Special impact-resistant areas on all four corners, anti-drill protection, lockable handle and reinforced glass.
WK 2 - Class 2 resistance: all-round special impact areas, lockable handle and projectile-resistant glass. (Class P4A).
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Timber Alu-Clad in

Products used: ,
Heat insulation
Because 25% of the energy in a house is lost through the windows, insu...
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