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Sound insulation

The effects of noise can be unpleasant and noise of a particular intensity and duration can have a negative effect on the human organism. We perceive sound because of changes in air pressure which are received by the ear and transmitted to the brain.

The sound insulation of  a window is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the number, the better the insulation. The scale registers how much sound energy compared with the sound energy source is allowed through. So, with insulation of 10 dB, 1/10 of the original sound passes through, with 20 dB 1/100, with 30 dB 1/1000 and so on. We would perceive a reduction in noise levels of 10 dB as a halving of the volume. The sound insulation of the window depends on the frame material, insulating glass, window sealing and bonding to the building. For further information on sound insulation values of our windows, click on [Windows] 

Sound insulation is measured in DECIBELS. The higher the number, the better the insulation.
Children in particular should not be subjected to high levels of noise, and need a comfortable living climate for their general well-being.
Our windows give the best noise-protection even for buildings on streets with high-density traffic. Still the noise stays outside!
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