Timber/Aluminium Window

  • Frame Depth 124 mm
  • Gutmann German    Aluminium clad system coated with any RAL colours
  • Aluminium cladding with seamless corners plus exterior seal for improved water tightness as standard
  • Triple layer laminated timber frame to prevent twisting and cracking
  • Sikkens-Four-layer surface finish system, in-depth impregnation, colour impregnation, high pressure coating
  • Wood: Spruce, Pine, Meranti, Oak
  • MACO multi point locking system
  • Quadruple Seal for improved heat and sound insulation
  • Double or Triple-glazed Argon filled with acoustic insulation of 34 dB
  • Hidden Drainage
  • Stainless steel spacer as standard

Produced by TTK

Glass System:

Double glazing: Glass = 1.1 W/mēK standard
Frame and Glass combined U-value= 1.14 W/mēK

Triple glazing: Glass 4b/12g/4/12g/b4= 0.70 W/mēK
Frame and Glass combined U-value= 0.90 W/mēK

Triple glazing: Glass 4b/12g/4/12g/b4= 0.60 W/mēK
Frame and Glass combined U-value= 0.73 W/mēK

Ideal  for low-energy and passive houses.

Comming soon ...
Eurowindows Comfort+
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Timber Alu-Clad in
Co. Kildare

Products used:
Assembly and maintenance
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