uPVC/uPVC Window

  • 85mm frame depth
  • Heat insulation characteristics for the profile Uf-value=1.10 W/m2K
    (passive house capability with relevant components)
  • Standard glazing 4-16-4-16-4 Ug-value=0.6W/m2K
  • Approx. 20% better heat insulation in the profile cross section
  • Increased protection from break-in in the area of the glass joint
  • Great reinforcement chamber for ideal static strains
  • Secure bond between glass pane unit and sash
  • 8 chamber system
  • Centre sealing system with three sealing levels
  • Drainage either covered or visible
  • Hub seal significantly increases the thermal properties of window fittings
    to protect from weather and provides a high waterproof and tightness
  • Massive construction profiles of galvanized steel mats increases stability, acoustic properties and resistance against burglary

Glass System:

Double glazing: Glass = 0.78 W/mēK

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Timber Alu-Clad in
Co. Dublin

Products used:
Heat insulation
Because 25% of the energy in a house is lost through the windows, insu...
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